Sculptuur in opdracht gemaakt, 2023

The Belleville Chair Re/Outfitted
By Barbara Polderman 

At the heart of Dutch textile artist Barbara Polderman’s captivating art lies a profound belief in the power of textiles with rich histories, from used clothes to carpet remnants and upholstery fabrics. Drawing inspiration from the globally recognized game of ‘musical chairs’ and imbued with deeper symbolism related to scarcity, inclusion and social dynamics, Polderman has crafted this remarkable denim sculpture, nestled within a slightly unbalanced denim-dressed Belleville chair. The sculpture transcends individual identities, resonating instead with collective human experiences and inviting viewers to reflect on the role each of us can play in creating a more inclusive world while respecting its natural resources.

The Belleville Chair Re/Outfitted by Barbara Polderman – a concept of The Visionary Lab,  pre-used chair from Vitra, repurposed denim from Levi’s® – Photo Studio W D.